Monday, 31 October 2016

A Pertinent Point about Sexual Sell-By Dates!

This blog has always been for parents of all children from little ones, to teens, students and beyond and there are some subjects that are relevant and important, but not necessarily child friendly. So, when I was sent this really funny infographic from Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, I couldn't resist sharing it with you. It makes a very important point, whilst bringing in some humour at the same time. Perfect, for when you have to raise sensitive subjects with your older offspring. You can see the full image by clicking 'Read More', but be careful around younger children, as it may throw up some tricky questions! Check out the website for more information on family matters and sexual health. 

Produced in association with Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor

Infographic about condom use by dates



  1. He was lucky to get any with that feminist comment!

  2. Umm, you did see the "four years later" bit in the next box didn't you Diane? :-D
    I guess he eventually grew up a bit lol.
    Brilliant want to put the point across, this should be on the back of pub toilet doors everywhere!


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