Sunday, 26 June 2016

Help Vicky get a New Motor Chair and Transform her Life

My friend Vicky is beautiful, glamourous and always smiling. She is someone I envy very much. She has so much talent for perfecting complicated make up looks that I wouldn't even be able to attempt, without looking like a panda who came second in a punch up down a coal mine. She's also a talented writer and has written for many different publications, as well as her own blog; Around and Upside Down, where she talks about all sorts of subjects, including her family life, fashion and beauty. So that's Vicky, someone who lights up my world with her huge smile and sparkly, fabulous outfits. But there's more. Vicky has EDS.

EDS is an inherited connective tissue disorder that affects the collagen in the body. Collagen is very important, as it supports the skin, bones, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and gut. When it doesn't function properly, it causes many horrible symptoms, such as chronic pain and fatigue, bruising and skin fragility. It also causes bowel and bladder issues, as well as joint dislocation. Let's focus on the pain for a second. It would be so easy to give up, when you face that every single day, wouldn't it? Stay in, take no risks, have a biscuit and put the telly on. But then there's Vicky. A fierce campaigner for disibility rights, an advocate for plus-size fashion, a wife, a mother and a friend to everyone. This girl is an inspiration to everyone she meets, to take what life gives you and turn it into the best it can be. Her fearless independence and strength of spirit are a lesson to us all.

Today, though, she needs our help. Vicky's power chair is four years old and has all the comfort and luxury of a go cart. The steering is decidedly iffy and that means risking playing skittles with pedestrians on the High Street, which wouldn't be nearly as funny as it sounds. On a serious note, though, comfort and the ability to recline the back of the chair are essential. Without those aspects, Vicky's pain is aggravated, meaning that going out and seeing something of the world will leave her in agony, taking days to recover. She faces enough in life, without taking away those little adventures that she takes so much pleasure in. She's not asking for a Mercedes, just a comfortable chair that will get her from A to B. As I write, we are about halfway there. Today is Sunday. A lot of us will be tackling the housework. Not easy when you can't stand up, I'm sure you'll agree. So, I'd like to ask you a favour, when you vacuum behind the telly today, or fluff the sofa cushions, if you find a pound or two, would you please give it to Vicky? Make her smile a little bit more. 


  1. Vicky is amazing...
    I will donate tomorrow when I have some money in the bank :D x

    1. Thank you, lovely, so much appreciated! xx


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