Sunday, 4 May 2014

Shoeps Can Make All Laced Shoes into Slip-Ons.

I heard about this new alternative to shoelaces as a fashion accessory, but I approached the company and asked if I could review them for a different reason altogether! They do come in a pretty amazing range of colours, so I understand how they would be popular as a fashion item. However, I saw a world of infinite possibilities for these. Take, for example, children's hobbies. It is very difficult to buy footwear such as football boots or golf shoes, particularly in the smaller sizes, with velcro fastening. Shoeps are reusable, so each time they grow out of them (or switch to a new hobby!), their shoeps go with them!

In my opinion, Shoeps would also be an amazing tool for children requiring additional support. Actually, a boost for anyone with coordination issues in particular, regardless of age, giving the ability to reduce the stress of lace tying. Many people have problems tying their shoes, for a variety of reasons, and these are not obvious, so there is no embarrassment or stigma attached. 

I also saw an appeal from a scrimping point of view, and everyone knows I love a good scrimp! Laced shoes for children always seem to be cheaper than their velcroed counterparts. Wouldn't it be great to be able to buy cheaper laced shoes and replace the laces with a funky set of Shoeps, which you can remove from their previous pair, no need to buy new ones each time! 

A lifetime spent in schools means the noise of velcro in assembly drives me crazy! I know that some schools have banned velcro for that very reason, so these would be a great solution for that really familiar noise... psssshhht, pssssshhhht, psssshhhhht!! Gaaaaahhhhh!! 

They are very easy to attach and remarkably sturdy. All you do is feed one end through an eyelet, fold and fasten, then do the same to the other side. There are fourteen in a pack, I used six, but you don't have to use all the eyelets if you don't want to. They are unexpectedly stretchy and, although a little stiff to start with, my eight year old was soon slipping on his own shoes with ease, yet they were still firmly attached to his feet, with no hint of slipping off. There are lots of good reasons to buy these, but who needs a reason? They are fun and funky and there's a shoep to match pretty much every outfit! 

To find your perfect Shoep,have a look at the Shoep website or visit their Facebook page. I'm sure they would be pleased to see you! 



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