Monday, 4 February 2013

A Warm Williams Welcome!

A Warm Williams Welcome!

I don't like shopping. I don't like crowds, pushy sales people, horrid, over-stocked shops or wayward trolleys. Shopping makes me grumpy, it has to be said. But, sometimes, occasions demand it, so I was amazed, and relieved, to discover a gorgeous little place in the small seaside town of Porthcawl, in South Wales. Small, but well-stocked, this little jewellers is an oasis of calm in today's busy, consumer-driven marketplace. It is a modern outlet, stocking the most beautifully designed jewellery pieces for all occasions, in purpose built display cabinets, showcasing the best of their beauty. But it also retains a certain charm that harks back to the old days of quaint little boutiques tucked away in dusty side streets waiting to be discovered.

Inside, I found a really helpful lady, by the name of Mellissa. It turns out that the jewellery business in Porthcawl had been in her family for generations, which explains her wealth of knowledge on the subject. This is a lady who clearly loves her work and has a soft spot for anything small and sparkly! It's always nice to find yourself in an establishment where you don't feel pressured, but can tap into the expertise of the staff, if you do need a bit of help.

You can visit RMA Williams on Facebook or take a look at their website to see what wonderful temptations are on offer. The great news for all of you lovely readers, though, is that Mellissa has kindly let me have a lovely Silver Solitaire Zirconia Pendant and Silver Chain to giveaway to one lucky winner! Hop over to the Giveaway Tab, to find out more about it and enter for this fantastic prize! Good Luck! :-)


Lynn Fancy said...

Lovely post, really nice to read and the charms are just gorgeous! Going to visit the shop this year without fail!

Karen Lancaster said...

Very nice to hear of great family businesses xx

suej1601 said...

i love small friendly shops rather than the unpersonal stores about, feel much more at ease.x

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