Monday, 13 June 2016

Father's Day Craft; Make A God's Eye Decoration

This is a craft that The Husband suggested. I had never made one before, but they are surprisingly easy to do. So easy, in fact, that even he can do it! What makes them especially appropriate for Father's Day, is that you can alternate the colours, so they can represent a football team, or the colours of a flag. Anything that makes them individual. The process of making them is actually really relaxing and I can't recommend it enough for unwinding after a stressful day. 
First of all, you will need wool and two kebab skewers. You can use one ball of wool, or several if you want to alternate the colours. In the finished picture, the left hand God's Eye was created using one ball of varigated wool, for a different effect. This is particularly suitable for small children, as it's less fiddly to achieve an interesting pattern.

Make a cross with the kebab skewers. Some people use lolly sticks for this bit, but I found skewers easier to work with. Younger children might prefer lolly sticks, as you can add a spot of glue at this stage, to help hold them together.

Wind the wool around the centre a couple of times in each direction. This will hold the cross together a little, although you will have to hold the cross shape in place until there is enough wool to strengthen it.

Wind the wool around the first stick, then take it underneath the second stick and loop it back over that one and underneath the third stick. Then loop it back around that one and underneath the fourth stick. 

Keep doing this, turning the cross as you go, and pulling the wool tight each time. Soon, the shape wil start to appear and you can just keep going around until you achieve the size you want. 

To switch to a different colour, just tie the new colour onto the first one with a firm knot, trimming off any excess. When you have achieved the perfect pattern, tie a final knot around one of the sticks, leave enough wool to make a hang loop, and trim. 


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