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Monday, 10 October 2016

Cooking the Perfect Steak

My husband and I disagree on many things, mainly because he is often wrong. The one thing he is most wrong about though, is steak. He is a total fillet-philistine. He likes his steak ridiculously well done and can't understand how I can eat it any other way. When he cooks a steak for himself (he's a little kinder to mine!), there is no way of knowing what type of steak it once was. By the time he's finished cooking it, it has all the taste and texture of something you would buy in Clarks and I have spent many years trying to convince him that there is another way. A tastier way. So far though, it has fallen on deaf ears, so I have enlisted the help of an expert. Steve Pooley is Chef Director at Jamie Oliver Barbecoa and knows a thing or two about food. Proving that I am right again, here is the expert's guide to cooking the perfect steak. 



  1. Ha Ha I like it fillet-philistine! I am a medium girl, but never know how to cook it properly. This infographic is extremely useful, I always cook steak straight from the fridge and now I know not to.

  2. I was always very well then I stopped eating meat THEN at a barbQ my body demanded medium rare so that is how I have it now. But there is a test you can do on your hand ....with your right hand pinch your thumb & forefinger together with the left hand feel the fleshy mound of your right thumb (whilst pinching forefinger) that is RARE, middle finger is medium, ring - well done and pinkie VERY well done - it's a great guide! xx

  3. you two sound like us - my fella says we argue because I'm right and he doesn't want to admit it!

  4. I have never tried a feather blade cut (we usually eat rib-eye) but will definitely give it a try. We began cooking steak like that, turning every minute I mean, after see Heston B cook his like that. It really makes a difference!

  5. A good post. I'm going to bookmark this page and I agree with you that steak should not be over cooked !


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