Friday, 29 May 2015

Find your Inner Freak: Why it is Important to be Who You Want to Be.

Another guest post from my friend Rebecca, who is doing a great job of looking after things while I'm on hols!

This is the advice I wish I had been given when in my twenties.
Old School Photo

You leave school, you get a job if you can, you earn some dosh and you try and work out what you are going to be when you grow up. Then you realise ten years have gone and you are still trying to work out which direction you are heading so you panic a bit and stress out when you look round at others whom you consider have ‘done something with their life’.
This is why that is all pointless. The secret is that you have already made it. Success is relevant only to who you are. Therefore you should forget trying to be what you think success is based on others and look into yourself. Give yourself a break.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Find Me Face Down on the Floor Behind the Sofa. A Narcoleptic’s Tale.

Our 'hidden illness' series continues with an amazingly insightful and frank post from my fabulous friend Rebecca on Narcolepsy.

If you ask somebody who is ill what the worst thing is about an illness, you will find pain is probably at the top. Followed closely by lethargy or exhaustion. So we know tiredness is awful yet we fail to recognise as a disability. This blog article for The Parent Game is to help you understand the rather odd life cycle of a narcoleptic. Please try and stay awake!


Monday, 25 May 2015

6 of the Worst Supermarket Crimes

A Shelf of Drinks with Title OverlaidSupermarket shopping is a necessary evil for most of us. I know, these days, if you are super-organised you can order everything online and have it delivered at your own convenience, but I'm really not that organised and I can't get used to working out in advance what I might fancy for tea. I also like to choose my own fruit and meat, etc, because I am picky. That said, I am not really a fan. There's just so much to annoy me. The trolley always wants to turn left, the shop is too big, with the most frequently purchased products are at the far end, and then there's the people. So I've made a little list of the most annoying people in supermarkets. Sorry if this is you, but, honestly, enough is enough! 


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Win JVC Flats Headphones! Compers welcome!!

I keep hearing from some competition providers that they don't want 'compers' to enter their competitions. The definition of 'comper' or 'competition account' is a little bit vague, as is the reason they are not welcome. It's something about them not being 'genuine' readers or likers or whatever. Anyway, this competition is offered to you, from me, to say thank you, comper or not, for all the support that I get from you. I offer competitions because I like making people happy and, to a lesser extent, because it helps my blog find its way to new readers. I provide nearly all my own prizes. I don't mind if you stay or not, but I really hope to see you again soon. Be lucky. Love, Me. x

My Sunday Photo; Visitors to the Birdbox

A bluetit feeding her young through the opening of a bird box.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Best Blogging Practice

Computer Keyboard with Title Overlaid
Since I first started blogging, three years ago, I always wanted to be a good blogger. I wanted people to actually read my blog and enjoy it. Not necessarily a lot of people, but those that did, I hoped would come because they liked what I wrote. During my time as a blogger, I have made mistakes and learned along the way. I thought I would share some observations and ideas I have come across during that time, in the hopes it might help someone else avoid the same pitfalls. Some people blog for profit, some just for fun and others a mix of the two. So not all of this applies to everyone. They are not rules, or rights and wrongs, just suggestions, based on my own experience.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Emergency Biscuit Replacement Hack!

Chocolate Biscuit Shape
Don't you just hate it, when it gets to the point in the evening where you really don't want to go out, and you suddenly realise, you've forgotten to buy something vital. So, this evening there was mass panic when the choccy biccies ran out and we had to think fast. I had some shortcrust pastry left over from a jam tart failure (don't ask) so we threw together this epic recipe, that will replace your biscuit supply easily and without having to go out. bonus!

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