Monday, 11 June 2018

Spatone Liquid Iron Review After Trial

Spatone Liquid Iron packaging amongst hand weights on a yoga mat.
When I wrote my first Spatone Liquid Iron Review, with initial thoughts and a bit of background to the product, I promised I would come back and let you know how I got on with it. I was a good candidate to test this out, because I am hopeless with supplements. I haven't had much success with them over the years, and I am very skilled at forgetting to take them, so I tend to lose interest very quickly. What I mainly wanted to find out from this trial, was if the liquid element would make any difference to the usual capsule format of supplements and could a naturally sourced water really provide similar results to an over-the-counter iron tablet. 

The first thing I have to report is that Spatone Liquid Iron is so much easier to remember to take. It may seem like a small thing, but having the liquid in a ready-made sachet makes all the difference, because I don't need to remember to take them while I have a drink and I can even keep one in my handbag for when I'm rushing out the door and don't think of it until I'm on the bus. I don't know about you, but I find some supplement tablets can be quite large and they don't always taste very nice, making them trickier to swallow. This stuff is just like downing a couple of teaspoons of apple juice, so there is nothing to put you off downing your daily dose. The best part for me, though, was definitely the lack of side-effects. Despite taking the product regularly for a few weeks, I did not suffer any of the side effects commonly associated with taking additional iron. This is a massive benefit to me, because there is nothing worse than having to make efforts to combat the side effects of a supplement that is meant to be doing you good! Iron is so important for general well being and being deficient can leave you feeling listless and lethargic, so finding a product that can absorb quickly into your system will obviously leave you feeling better, sooner. 

Spatone Liquid Iron packaging and sachets on a yoga mat with hand weights and headphones

The big question is, did I feel any positive benefits from trying the product? This is actually a difficult question to answer, because, as much as I tried not to change any other aspects of my diet, in order to give it a fair trial, the conditions weren't very scientific or controlled. However, after a couple of weeks I felt less tired. Normally, I sleep quite badly and by mid-morning I am normally feeling utterly shattered and I just want to go to sleep. And sometimes I do, because I work from home and it's one of the perks. Along with going to work in your pyjamas and basing your fee on how many biscuits it will take to complete a project. Anyway, After the first two weeks I was waking up. Actually waking up, instead of dragging myself out of bed and getting through a couple of cups of tea before I could be confident what day it was. I was also staying awake all day, in an empty house, without any visitors to make me feel obliged to keep my eyes open. So, I would call it a success, but I obviously can't rule out other factors, such as randomly sleeping better or our old friend placebo. I would certainly recommend you give it a go though, as if you need it, it's a natural and pleasant way to get the iron into your system without having to battle the constipation that often accompanies standard iron supplements. Or 'the curious turtle' as we call it in our house. Spatone Liquid Iron Water is entirely natural and it's Welsh, what's not to love? 



  1. My friend swears by Spatone although I haven't tried it myself x

  2. I have been anaemic for as long as I can remember so I take daily spatone and it really does make a huge difference!

  3. Glad you saw some benefits in using it, I am normally quite skeptical with things like this

  4. Sounds like it's been of benefit for you. I'm tired all the time and I'm starting to wonder do I need an extra bit of help in the form of a supplement.


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