Monday, 21 November 2016

White Goods for a White Christmas, What this Woman Really Wants!

Stylised robotic vacuum with digitally added snowflakes and title text overlayedOne thing I have never understood about Christmas, is why it is frowned upon to give anything remotely practical as a gift. If you don't have something useful, such as a food mixer, and you'd really love one, wouldn't that be better to receive as a present, instead of yet another scented candle, or more bath smellies?  Why can't people just have what they want, instead of having to pick from a set of generic 'approved' gift items? So, when Voerwerk asked me what I'd like for Christmas, I decided it was time to make a stand, with a rundown of all the best practical household items that I'd love to find in my stocking, and some of my friends came up with ideas too!

Man Cleaning Bathroom
First on the list of things I want for Christmas is a window vacuum. Not even specifically for windows. I hate cleaning windows, true, but I also hate cleaning patio doors, mirrors and bathroom tiles. Having one of these would make me really happy, because I could spend less time tackling these chores. So, you are not even buying me a 'practical' household appliance, you are buying me time to spend doing something more fun instead! It could even be considered a joint present, for all the times I've made the husband do it!

Bowl of Carrot Soup with crusty bread
L and I absolutely love homemade soup, and enjoy experimenting with different flavour combinations. His current favourite is Carrot and Butternut Squash and, since this is the only time I have ever seen him eat a Butternut Squash, it has to be good for his health. What I would really love is a soup maker, so that we can have fun thinking up new ideas and throw it all in one appliance, where I can't burn it and don't create a mountain of washing up. I think investing in our nutrition is much more worthwhile than another pair of socks!

Robotic Vacuum with superimposed graphics to make it look like a catThis next one is such a dream gift of mine I've written about it before, in My Weird Christmas List. The robotic vacuum cleaner. I actually can't imagine why everyone wouldn't want this for Christmas, it's a little bundle of laziness that would be a welcome addition to any home. I have a couple of friends who have these and they love them. Nikki, from Yorkshire Wonders has welcomed hers into their home like a much-loved pet and calls him Herkins! A pet that vacuums and doesn't need feeding? What's not to love?

Cup of tea with two chocoloate biscuits on plate
One of the most popular wishes from my friends was a proper coffee maker. Apparently there's no comparison to 'real' coffee. I am not a fan myself, but the husband is totally in love with the Tassimo I got him a couple of years ago. He loves experimenting with all the exotically-named flavours and trying to recreate those giant cups of Costa coffee that are so hot you can't drink them for three days. I suppose it would be the equivalent of buying me a giant teapot, or a Teasmade. Actually, that's not such a bad idea... 

Plate of spiralised vegetablesAnother popular choice when I asked around was a vegetable spiralizer. Although this is technically a kitchen gadget, it is definitely one of the less practical, as it achieves something that isn't strictly necessary in terms of food preparation. It makes food fun. It makes spaghetti out of courgettes and turns carrots into spoingy springs! It allows you to play with your food, making this very much a toy. For grown ups. So, if you do decide you want one for Christmas, there's your reasoning, right there. It's totally impractical, and is, in fact, a toy, so you can have one for Christmas, hurrah. At least that's one kitchen gadget we are allowed to ask for!

The team at Vorwerk asked me to take part in their #AllIWantForChristmas campaign, designed to uncover what is on the ultimate Christmas wishlists of some of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle bloggers in the run up to this year’s festivities.

Artwork by Evan Newland, from NubeTube HD


  1. I know exactly what you mean! There are loads of kitchen things and tools I would LOVE to receive and i wouldn't be offended! I love window vacuum that is what I need!! Great post :)

  2. I asked for an iron for Christmas and my other half thought it was funny


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