Friday, 23 October 2015

Free Printable No Trick or Treaters Sign

Small No Trick or Treaters SignFollowing the popularity of my No Cold Callers Sign, I thought I'd make a Halloween one too. We've seen a few of these around our village in the last few years and they are very helpful all round, as most trick or treaters don't want to venture where they are not welcome, or disturb people who would prefer to be left alone. You are very welcome to print this out and use it, if you would like to. You could perhaps take one round to an elderly neighbour or relative if it would be useful to them. Some older people get quite intimidated by lots of people knocking on the door, particularly if they are in costumes and it's not easy to see who they are.

Free Printable No Trick or Treaters Sign



Emma Lowe said...

only prob is unless u have a light outside it wont be visible and half the time it will just be small kids at the door, and who wont read it

Julie Martin said...

Our local police or neighbourhood watch hand these out.
It makes it easier for the kids and I, they know they aren't allowed to knock at those.

It's better than sitting in darkness pretending to be out like some do. :-/

Jackie Mcgee said...

we dont seem to get many guisers anymore think there more parties through schools etc but i might still print it lol

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