Saturday, 8 February 2014

Corrie Caring for Pancreatic Cancer!

I made a friend on Twitter today. I think she's fab. Inspired by a Coronation Street storyline, she set out to acheive something amazing, and she's already well on her way to succeeding! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, our fabulous guest blogger... Kirsty! *Insert applause here*

Hi! I'm Kirsty 

The reason I chose to do my charity walk for pancreatic cancer is because I want to try and help raise funds and awareness for this terrible disease. Everyday at least 22 people die of it and the fact that there's not much that can be done when you get it... Is even worse. I soon got into the storyline of Hayley cropper who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in coronation Street in 2013. I'm not usually a softie when it comes to things like soaps and tv programmes, however this time I was seriously effected. From her dying moments I knew that I wanted to do something to help. As I know it wasn't just happening on a soap. It was happening around the world on a daily basis. 

I got in contact with the charity and Julie Hesmondhalgh(who played Hayley Cropper) and decided on walking from my house with some of my close friends in aid of the charity. I decided the best way to advertise was twitter. A few weeks after I started my JustGiving page I have already raised £579.40 for my £1000 target! I cannot believe how well it's gone and to be honest it gives me the happiest feeling to know that I have achieved something and been able to help out such an amazing charity! 

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