Sunday, 17 March 2013

Let the Sunshine In!

It's raining again. In fact, according to some reports there's more snow in some parts of the country! I will admit, I am a massive fan of the sun. The yellow orb in the sky, not the newspaper! Although, I'm starting to forget what it looks like! I am one of those people, and there's a fair few of us, who start to feel a bit lethargic and low if the sun doesn't make an appearance for a while. 


I know that there is a condition, known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is serious and debillitating for some people and I'm not making light of that. But I do think, to a much lesser extent, we are all affected by the grey weather. It's harder to feel motivated to go out and about with the children, so they start bouncing off the walls. It's easier to take the car, so we start to feel all fat and sluggish (well I do, anyway!) I don't know, maybe, as a nation we are just solar powered! Either way I thought I would share with you some of the ways we have been coping with the indoor life. 


This creation started out as old cardboard boxes and leftover paint! 


My son used his dad's offcuts of wood to build a stage to decorate! 
(We did vacuum, those are woodshavings!)

If all else fails...

We made this cake from a cheap latex mould (Pound Stretcher) and decorated it!
Messy, but you can eat most of the evidence!

Oh look, it's taken me so long to finish this post, the sun has come out! Typical!!


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